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Intimate Privacy Law Resources

Online Communicatons

Here you will find links to a number of third party resources covering a variety of topics, self-help tools and other resources, including NCDII, intimate image take-down guidance, cyberbullying and harassment, domestic violence, and privacy rights more generally. 

Conversation in Court

Here you will find information about the evolving privacy law torts in Canada, including: intrusion upon seclusion, public disclosure of private (embarrassing) facts, publicity placing a person in a false light, internet harassment, and misappropriation of image.

Laws and regulations

Here you will find information about the two Canadian Criminal Code provisions enacted to protect Canadians’ right to intimate privacy in light of emerging technologies: (1) voyeurism; and (2) the publication of intimate images without consent

Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Here, we provide a summary of each of the Canadian provincial statutes that have implemented to improve and expedite the process by which targets of NCDII may seek legal recourse. 

In court

Here, you will find a list of NCDII Canadian case law.

Business Breakfast

Here, you will find a list of latest developments and key publications relating to NCDII across Canada and beyond. 

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