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Combatting, remediating & spreading awareness about intimate images and tech-facilitated, gender-based invasions of privacy

The Intimate Privacy Project is a Canadian-based initiative aimed at educating targets of non-consensual distribution of intimate images (NCDII) (and the lawyers who represent them) about legal and practical avenues of recourse. 

Find out more about your legal rights, practical avenues of recourse (intimate image takedown requests), and intimate privacy law updates.

See our FAQ on NCDII and other intimate privacy topics.

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What is Intimate Privacy?

Broadly speaking, the term intimate privacy refers to the social norms (individuals’ behaviours, expectations and decisions) that govern access to, and information about, our intimate lives (including our bodies, sex, sexuality, gender, and intimate activities). It involves not only one’s intimate activities and the decision to reveal (or conceal) one’s body to (or from) others, but also personal decisions about one’s sexual preferences and gender and whether to disclose that information.

(Danielle Keats Citron, "Sexual Privacy" (2018) Yale LJ)


This information is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. We strongly recommend consulting with a lawyer to get legal advice about your specific situation.



NCDII stands for the "non-consensual distribution of intimate images"

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